LendingCrowd Innovative Finance ISA

LendingCrowd took to releasing its innovative finance ISA (IFISA) in mid-January 2017 after achieving regulatory authorisation in November 2016.

LendingCrowd has made its mark, and is doing ever more so with the interest and uptake involved with its IFISA. If you are sifting through various ISA and IFISAs, especially since it’s the advent of the new tax year, we have provided a breakdown of LendingCrowd and what it is offering.

LendingCrowd overview

LendingCrowd was launched in 2014 at the behest of Bill Dobbie and Stuart Lunn. The company wanted to “offer businesses keener loan rates and investors better returns” through its online services. A couple of interesting facts about the company are that:

LendingCrowd IFISA

LendingCrowd’s offers three types of IFISA

With LendingCrowd’s peer-to-peer growth ISA you must make a minimum investment of £1,000 to access the product’s tax free returns, which are at a target rate of 6 per cent return a year.


LendingCrowd does state that it carries out a rigorous credit screening process, but there is always  the risk of borrower default. In the case of this happening, the company has a recovery process in place, although it doesn’t go much further in explaining what this recovery process is.

Automatic diversification

Whilst LendingCrowd generally allows customers to choose their own investments, with the option of using the company’s autobid feature, the IFISA is done differently. With its ISA, the firm has an instant diversification feature which splits your money automatically between at least 20 loans.

Please note that you have to perform your own diversification if you opt for the ‘self-select ISA’.

Secondary Market

To help free up you capital for withdrawal or reinvestment, LendingCrowd has a secondary market called the ‘Loan Exchange’. In the ‘my investments’ section of the company’s site, you get to see an alphabetised list of all the investments you hold, and the amount of loan parts of each of the loans you have. Whichever loan you wish to sell, you can set its loan exchange status as ‘Live’, and it is good to go.

Platform usability

To invest some, or all of your £20,000 ISA allowance, you:

Considering investing?

This is an interesting platform for investors looking to apportion their money specifically to small businesses. LendingCrowd is very transparent in terms of its data and is user friendly, and with the level of diversification, risks arguably remain low, despite the lack of reserve fund.

Originally Published: Thursday, May 4th, 2017
Updated: Thursday, January 9th, 2020

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