Landbay Review

Landbay Review

Landbay has made headlines for launching one of the first property-backed peer-to-peer ISAs in the UK.

This is evidence of how the innovative finance ISA (IFISA) market of tax free wrappers on peer-to-peer lending is steadily flourishing and allowing access to exciting types of alternative investments.

We take a look at what Landbay has achieved so far and the key points about their products.

Landbay Overview

Whilst buy-to-let mortgages have traditionally been more expensive than standard residential loans, the UK’s rental demand has been fairly consistent, robust and appealing to a mass market.

This is something that founders John Goodall and Gray Stern focused on when they founded Landbay as recently as 2013.

“That is what is key to peer-to-peer, it’s something that people have to be able to understand,” said Goodall, adding “It gives people a broad range of opportunities. It’s a secured, income/interest producing loan.”

“If we launch with a niche product, that’s limiting our scope. Buy-to-let gives us a retail sphere that we can leverage,” Stern affirmed.

The company kept with the idea of alternative investing by raising much of its launch funds through the equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs.

They’ve even used it to fundraise for the company a number of times since.

From the time it was founded until now, Landbay has achieved the following:

Landbay currently offer a IFISAs which are either fixed rate or follow a tracked projection of returns.

Originally Published: Friday, September 7th, 2018
Updated: Monday, December 10th, 2018

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